Companionway hatch

Hatch slide was out of wind (as in ‘winding’, not ‘windy’). But by extending rails aft and outboard, room remained to clash the edges of the slide, to bring it back into wind. Now brass tabs carry the slide smoothly in its rails.
Meanwhile, lowest board now hinged over threshold, to lie flat on cockpit floor grating (not shown), with upper washboards to be stowed under cockpit seat forms.
Goes together like this, each washboard locking into place above its predecessor …
… and the slide’s tabs lifting up aft …
… to carry the slide up and over the top washboard. All very monumental, making sense of the extended and relocated rails.
Rogue’s new blocks (awaiting varnish) blinged up with commemorative enamelled Armistice Day centennial NZ 50c pieces, a $10 roll of which I had acquired at the centenary, after it struck me their disposition here honoured Rogue‘s original lead keel’s loss for the war effort