Rudder and sternpost

Make gundgeon and pintle patterns. Shape shaftlog. Cut and scarf sternpost in way of propellor aperture, and glue in new timber. Cut back aft deadwood to straighten. Trim concave rudder housing edges, and glue on new timber. Cut new cove onto aft face of stern post and deadwood. Fit pintle pattern to bottom of deadwood. Dismantle deadwood.

Image0298 Image0299 Image0300 Image0301 Image0302 Image0303 Image0304 Image0305 IMG_0085 IMG_0087 IMG_0088 IMG_0089


Lift engine, remove mounts, and cut clearance into engine beds. Measure offsets. Make jigs and bore pilot hole for prop shaft through hull. Mock up engine/shaft propellor arrangement.

Make pullers and remove old prop tube and bearing/gland fitting. Fit shaftlog to hull. Get up jigs and bore through shaftlog. Make casting pattern for propellor shaft strut.