Integration of rudder with rudder stock
Eye bolts for running rigging and mainsheet horse, together with source patterns.
D bead let into headpiece, cove line below rising to carved koru for restoration
Deck, reglassed over hull intersection …
… and refaired and undercoated.

Fuel tank

Not in Wellington now, Dr Ropata. Need more fuel than merely to get in and out of the berth. So, in place of the intended tote tank under the cockpit floor, this template for a baffled tank in its place.
And here it is, 67 litres of goodness. Sightglass and outlet to engine on front panel; port aft, fuel supply to deckfiller; starboard aft, return and breather.
Reduced height forward sampson post
Gammon iron support
Cove line termination: with a hat-tip to the Sangermani Sahib for her dot-dot-dot, dot-dash-dot – Morse for R(ogue).

Now, what goes well with bronze, canvas, hemp, and varnish?

Rudder, bowsprit, and ringframe

Exploded view of rudderstock internals.
Bowsprit, butted up to sampson post, with cranse and gammon iron patterns fitted.
Mooring line block patterns (actually, Gloriana’s) for casting and fitting to bowsprit, forward of figurehead
New ringframe, beam, knees and floor at point of mast insertion from deck to maststep (and note uroxsysed fitted ceiling planks) …
… aligning with forward shroud, and pads for aft shrouds.
Electrics box (to support also switchbreaker, voltmeter, and VHF radio).
And a new (to Rogue) 12.5 kg bronze CQR anchor, likely manufactured at the RNZN Devonport Base.

Undercoat and spars

Hull undercoated; original waterline marked out.
Test cove line routed at point of port chainplates.
Hull/deck intersection augmented to sharp edge (for application of full length D moulding, integrating into chainplates), and toe rails test-fitted as far outboard as achievable.
Oregon mast repurposed as 7.4m boom …
… and 4.8m gaff.
New bobstay pattern moulded on Rogue‘s stem, replacing the above.
Final Auckland sailplan and deck arrangements.