We’re marking time now, waiting for the end of COVID-19 lockdown (or essential travel permits) to enable out-of-Auckland rigger to attend with rigging.

Corrections and tweaks

Chainplates, and other tinkering

Original chainplates, painted and polished.

Mast shown is just a stump, for visualisation.

The real mast …

Then there’s the topsail spars, of cedar (ballooner pole to come).

The rudderstock cap has been engraved …

Stops to be fabricated, to prevent winch socket spinning into the booby hatch sides.

Brass navigation lights acquired.

Meanwhile, Rogue’s restoration gets some publicity, in the Classic Yacht Association’s insert at pages 58-59 in the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron’s Breeze magazine (Issue 237, Sep-Oct 2021).

Oh, and I came across a photo of the pater familias.

Hallelujah, an inspection tour!

Comments are superfluous, except to observe (re)construction work nearly is done, bar nonskid on deck and a few final bits and pieces.

And some sundry items.

Lockdown 6

At Level 3, things really start to come together.

Reinstated original koru terminating coveline.
Aft coveline termination is Morse Code for R(ogue).

Castings are back from foundry for machining. (Patterns here; drawings here.)

Mainsheet Murray winch bases, cast to fit around cockpit coaming, and spreader
Boom and gaff goosenecks, to be integrated with pinrail on mast

And the interior! Matt Price’s exacting cabinetmaking is absolutely on song.

I’m only slightly traumatised by the need for an antislip finish to the floorboards and companionway steps. Still, better than breaking my back.