Washboards, and bowsprit bling

Bottom washboard template hinged over cockpit floor.
Bottom template washboard secured in position by sprung wooden catches (see here).
Swim ladder and washboards under construction.
Washboard stowage under cockpit seats.
Fuel tank, with sightglass, secured in place under cockpit floor.
Deck fuel filler cap.
Least intrusive gear and throttle lever, to be located under starboard cockpit seat form.
Depth/speed transponder socket (inside …
… and out).
Cockpit floor grate patched from previous fuel hatch.
Patterns for mainsheet Murray winch supports (in yet another sop to age-diminished upper body strength).
30 m 8 mm anchor chain and 30 m 16 mm anchor warp.
Companionway threshold, rudderstock base and backstay lever plinths, now with 10 coats of Uroxsys (as has toerails).
Steamed/laminated oak masthoops from Pert Lowell in Newbury MA, and mainsheet horse, boom crutch pads and bowsprit jewellery back from polishers.