Cut off protruding bolts. Solvent scrub engine bay and clean out bilges. Epoxy seal below stringer. Sand back timber furriness and re-epoxy seal. Prime bilges x 1 coat. Undercoat bilges x 2 coats.


Bore floors #0 and #1 and keel for bolts. Rebate all floors and keel for washers. Screw in engine bay floors and beds. Bore for bed retainers, limber holes and floor-to-floor bolts. Measure for and make floor bolts. Have engine bed retainers made. Fit and sand all. Fit floor, mark, remove, and cut rounded ends. Radius and sand all. Epoxy seal, prime (1 coat), and undercoat (2 coats) all floors and beds.

Remove toe rails, for and side decks back to cockpit. Remove cabin. Brace hull.

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