Retreat from relaunch

As the last post promised, after some unintended complications, Rogue briefly splashed on 19 January 2022. But she plainly is far too lightly ballasted (as we knew was a risk, when the designed 1900 kg ballast was cast at 1450 kgs), especially forward. She’s now back at the boat yard, for ballast supplementation.

Marine architect Tom Bertenshaw identifies room for additional ballast, forward of existing.
Final dimensions, extending below current forefoot.
Without further ado, forefoot out.
Additional ballast will key into existing ballast at bottom left, with new lower faired line to stem.
Showing, descending: new stem, original keel, new deadwood, existing ballast, and glassed.

As fortune has it, three present stem bolt fixings are precisely in the right position as keel bolts for the additional ballast.