Plans for a pre-Xmas splash are stymied by collapse of uncertified crane in closest marina, about which I’d not been sanguine in any event. So, mid-January instead. Meantime …

Winch stops.
Bracket for swim ladder.
Sails on board.
Getting ready to dress the spars. The whole of the dyneema standing rigging fits in that black bag in the foreground, and weighs about 5 kg.
Gaff bridle.
Masthead, dressed. In descending order: topsail and flag halyards’ bullseyes; ballooner and (furling) jib halyards’ blocks; forestay; peak halyard block (?); cap shrouds; intermediate shrouds. Lower shrouds and throat halyard block follow.
Boom, similarly.
Mainsheet block on horse. Curve of horse may prevent block getting trapped on the vertical when mainsheet is slack. If not, then something will have to be done. VELA in Brooklin ME used cored hockey pucks pressed onto horse’s extremities. I wonder what NZ equivalent may be.
Bowsprit, rigged. Bobstay has 5.2 tonne load capacity. Could pick up entire vessel from it.

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