Cockpit, deck, and deck planking (and 1:15 model!)


Clean up and radius cleating. Fit and fibreglass floor panels. Make starboard deck support cleat. Make underfloor framing. Fill and sand coaming insides. Make and fit support ribs and knees. Fit cockpit. Trim back aft deck. Fair keel plug and refill.


Fair temporary deck beams. Dry fit short deckbeams and fore and aft beams. Fit beams to coaming.

Deck planking

Spile, dry fit, mark, trim and remove first layer. Cut in coves and arrises. Remove small deck beams. Everdure, prime, undercoat, and topcoat all. Sand and re-topcoat. Glue in all small beams. Grind and prepare all decking. Glue in and fair small deckbeams. Glue down first layer decking. Tom as required, spile second layer decking, and glue on. Rip and scarf third layer decking. Begin fairing second layer decking.

Bruce Askew’s 1:15 model

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