Scrape sheer clamps. Fill and everdure plank ends. Trim down stemhead. Remove packers etc from billett head. Plane sheer fair. Make and glue on new beam shelves and packers to clamp. Plane clamp and shelf tops to accepts deckbeams. Make jig and rout taper into clamp packers and stem head. Notch out stemhead. Make and fit breasthook. Cut deckbeams to size and fit to shelves and clamps.

Apply two top coats to bilges and floors. Collect washers, etc and organise lead collection. Make templates for hanging knees.

Bruce Askew makes forward sampson post.

IMGP0694 IMGP0695 IMGP0696 IMGP0697 IMGP0698 IMGP0699 IMGP0714 IMGP0715 IMGP0716 IMGP0717 IMGP0718 IMGP0719 IMGP0720 IMGP0721 IMGP0722


Collect, rip, and machine timber; set up lamination jig and glue up deckbeams; clean up and trim all beams.

Collect nuts and washers from Barclay Engineering. Paint undersides of floors with two coats of topcoat. Carefully remove sidedecks. Remove chainplates and padeyes. Remove all foredeck hardware.

Remove foredeck. Plane plank ends flush with sheer clamp top and remove red lead. Trim back stem top and drifts.

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