New rudder blade …
… of fine proportion.
Bruce Askew’s cast bronze pintle.
Recess for strap.
Lockers fitted.
Port locker including fiddled half-depth shelf.
Original chainplates (including half-round sections to continue hull mouldings) located in position.
Mast position just aft of blank and forward chainplate. Hull/deck intersection glass-reinforced.
Mast position located directly above floor, at aft end of mast step plinth.
Ringframe pattern co-located with mast and forward chainplate position (mast step removed for ringframe’s construction).
Stem reinforced in position for dolphin-striker bobstay tang.
Courtesy of the 1904 Charles Bailey Jr Ngatira‘s Steve Horsley (thanks Steve!), patterns for casting (from left to right) the bowsprit’s whisker stay supports and dolphin-striker, deck padeyes, mast stay thumb cleats, and bowsprit cranse iron (Bruce Askew’s cast version (shown) deemed too tapered to maintain desirable bulk).